Wednesday, 12 March 2014

REPORT OF THE VISIT TO BELGIUM (from 12th-16th February 2014).

Liège, from 12th-16th February 2014
This was the third visit of the Comenius Project “European Passport to Employability”.
Participants arrived in Liège on Wednesday 12th of February. The school was the meeting point
for all the arriving countries. Students were collected by the families while teachers were
brought to the hotel, which was close to the school.
On Thursday 13th, all the participants met at the school at 8:30 a.m. First of all, the headmaster
welcomed all the participants and gave a speech. After this, a guided tour through the school
was made for teachers and students. Then, teachers and students attended the French lesson,
where several songs were sung. Immediately after, students did their presentations about
immigration in their home countries. A resume of the presentation was given to each country
to be attached to the European Corner in their schools. Lunch was held at the school. After
that, the group visited the House of Metallurgy, near the school. At the same time, the
coordination meeting was held at school. At about 16:30, students were collected at school.
Finally, teachers had dinner together and then they went back to the hotel.
On Friday 14th, students and teachers met at school at 8:30 a.m. A guided tour to the city was
organized. The group was split in two and they were shown the most interesting places in the
old city of Liège. Lunch was held back in the school. At 13:20 we took the bus to go to Sart-
Tilman, where participants visited many different enterprises: CSL, Amos and Eurogentec. At
16:30 students were collected at school. At 20:00 teachers had dinner all together.
On Saturday 15th, special activities were organized. At 9:10 the group departed from the school
to visit the coalmines of Blegny-Mine, 15 minutes far from Liège. It was an amazing experience
for both, teachers and students. Back in Liège, students and teachers had lunch around
Médiacité (the shopping center) because at 14:30 they went into the Ice-skating rink. At 18:30
all the group met at school, where the families had prepared the farewell dinner. It was a very
special moment of the visit because parents, students and teachers gathered all together and
could talk about the experience of the visit and about many other issues. Students and
teachers also sang songs, took pictures of the group and burst into tears when saying goodbye
to one another!
On Sunday 16th, each country left for their homes.
Juan Pablo García Teba
Spanish coordinator

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